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  • Al Samra Electromechanical Contracting is one of the leading manpower suppliers in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and throughout the UAE since years.

  • Our personnel are trained and certified to the industry standard, ensuring we contribute to a zero harm work place.

  • Al Samra Electromechanical Contracting stand out from others as we provide solely experienced professionals, who have already proven themselves and whom we additionally train and develop in our Group in a sustainable long term approach. As result our entire team has an outstanding safety track record and is well known for commitment and their hard and reliable work towards set-out project goals.

  • Al Samra Electromechanical Contracting primary focus is on raising production efficiency by providing competitive manpower solutions to enable customers to execute their projects within budget and achieve business goals

Our Team


On Time Service.

We as a perfect and legal partner of your HR team can provide the manpower on our sponsorship according to your specifications and requirements for a long term contract.


A Team Of Professionals.

Let us solve all your staffing needs.Our staffing solutions include identifying the right talent, onboarding candidates quickly and managing our clients’ HR processes efficiently.


Analyze Your Business.

Al Samra Electromechanical Contracting on demand staffing helps out your urgent and short-term requirements in UAE. We employ a stringent screening process that evaluates and grades the proficiency of personnel to ensure that possess desired skill level and toolkit to perform their roles capably.

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